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Excellence is found in the details of every project - from design to completion, Smoot Construction knows how to execute on the time and at budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. Know our work and know our pride. Know Smoot.

Know Performance.

Smoot Construction Company is a construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse and numerous market segments. From early-phase planning to construction completion, we offer a full continuum of customer services, managing complexity through proven management systems and tools. By leveraging our extensive experience, best practices, systems and technologies, Smoot Construction optimizes safety, quality, cost and schedule from preconstruction phasing and planning through construction close-out and building occupancy.

We have a proven reputation in delivering the highest quality building projects, with broad and varied sector experience. Projects range from a wide variety of office, retail, hospitality, residential, public and charter schools, campus academic buildings, libraries and mixed-use developments to facilities built for highly specialized purposes such as sports, correctional, aviation, warehouse distribution and many more.

Our expert services include:

  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build
  • General Contracting
  • Preconstruction


Core Competencies

Construction Management

At Smoot Construction, we take pride in our construction management approach and the successes it has brought for over 50 years in the Washington, DC area. SmootDC performs a variety of services as construction manager, and acts as a coordinator to ensure that required activities are carried out as scheduled. For each project, we take a “team” approach with the owner and the architect to encourage constant communication and collaboration between everyone involved. We are consistently able to deliver every project within an optimum timeframe, at a highly economical cost and with high-quality service.



Through our Design-Build delivery system, SmootDC has eliminated the needless back-and-forth that happens between many designers and builders. Instead, through a streamlined process that overlaps the design and construction phases of a project, SmootDC significantly reduces the project delivery time while ensuring alignment between the initial designs and actual implementation. This project delivery approach results in many benefits, including:

General Contracting

SmootDC provides a full range of general contracting services from early planning and design stages through construction, project completion, and closeout. Our team of professionals utilizes the latest technology to ensure our projects stay on task and all goals are met. Project delivery methods can be uniquely tailored to the planning, design and construction process of your capital projects.  Smoot’s construction services professionals deliver fully integrated professional and technical services to meet the needs of clients’ projects regardless of delivery method- construction management, design-build or design-bid-build.  Smoot leverages the delivery method with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as aesthetic and functional quality, budget and schedule management.



Smoot Preconstruction Services offer a collaborative, robust and resource-rich program that facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders to launch informed, timely decisions. The traditional approach to preconstruction typically limits client services to an estimate, a schedule and logistics plan. Our approach extends these into a system of tools that defines a more holistic and predictable preconstruction process that achieves better results and generates greater value.